George Soros was Major Investor in NC Senate Candidate’s family company2 – a business that went bankrupt and cost family farmers their life savings, forcing the federal government to step in and create a no-interest loan fund to help them.1

It’s true. Family farmers lost millions. Their life savings … Gone.

But not before Ted Budd’s family was able to pay themselves back $10 million instead.1

Budd’s company owed hardworking farmers millions of dollars, but the Budd family maneuvered to pay themselves back $10 million instead …1

Maneuvers described as having a “‘purpose . . . to hinder, delay and/or defraud creditors,’ including the farmers.”1

Senate candidate Ted Budd and Democrat billionaire investor George Soros are forever linked.

Republicans Can’t Trust Ted Budd.

1. The Washington Post, 8/31/21