Experienced. Reliable. Accountable.

Pat McCrory Has Proven He Will Fight for Us.

Our Mission

Carolina Senate Fund is a super PAC devoted to independently advancing the candidacy of Governor Pat McCrory for the United States Senate. We believe Governor McCrory has the best chance of winning a general election and advancing commonsense policies in our nation’s capital. North Carolina needs leaders in the Senate with a record of success like Pat McCrory.

Why Pat McCrory

Pat McCrory has the experience and the solutions to get things done for us. While serving as mayor and governor, Pat McCrory worked hard to …

  • Eliminate nearly $3 billion in state debt
  • Cut taxes for individuals and businesses
  • Revitalize the transportation system in Charlotte
  • Reform entitlement spending by hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Emphasize technical college as a great option to get well-paying jobs

Taking It National

We believe Pat McCrory is the right person to take on America’s toughest challenges. Those challenges include halting reckless spending on taxpayers, ensuring energy indolence, supporting conservative judges, and protecting our borders.